Salt Flats Too Wet To Race

Unfortunately, the TOP 1 Ack Attack was unable to race this year at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah because the terrain was deemed too dangerous for the super streamliner to attempt record-breaking speeds. A lot of rain poured down on the Salt Flats in the days leading up to the expected September 15 start date, making the usually hard and sturdy ground muddy and unstable.

TOP 1 Ack Attack driver and motorcycle land speed record holder Rocky Robinson journeyed to the Bonneville Salt Flats expecting to race again. Upon reaching the Salt Flats, however, he had this to say: “Mother Nature came into play for 2012. The International Course became rough on either end of the extended course and there was little to no salt in the first mile or so coming from Floating Mountain. A harsh low spot crossed the course within the first mile of the pole line, marking an underground river crossing. The wet conditions make aggressive acceleration difficult.”

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Protecting Your Investment

Every vehicle on the road today is an investment. Maintaining the engine of each vehicle by providing engine protection is critical to deliver optimum performance, as well as long engine life. Below are things to think about when choosing your motor lubricant:

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TOP 1 Ack Attack: Quest for 400 mph

Are you ready for speed? If not, you better prepare for it, because it’s coming anyways. The fastest motorcycle in the world, the TOP 1 Ack Attack, is once again heading to Bonneville, Utah on September 15-19, 2012.

The last 15 times the motorcycle land speed record has been broken have taken place on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, which is why it is known by high-speed enthusiasts as the “Fastest Place On Earth”. Rocky Robinson has broken the motorcycle land speed record driving the TOP 1 Ack Attack on 3 different occasions, all at the Bonneville Salt Flats. He first broke Dave Campos’ 16 year old record of 322.150 mph (518.450 km/hr) by driving the TOP 1 Ack Attack 342.797 mph (551.678 km/hr) on September 3, 2006. Unfortunately, this record didn’t last long as Chris Carr drove the BUB – Lucky 7 streamliner 350.884 mph (564.693 km/hr) just 2 days later. This record stood until September 26, 2008 when Rocky broke it with a speed of 360.913 mph (580.833 km/hr). The determined BUB – Lucky 7 team, with Carr behind the wheel, regained the land speed crown with a speed of 367.382 mph (591.244 km/hr) on September, 24, 2009. This record, however, also only lasted one year. On September 25, 2010, Rocky guided the TOP 1 Ack Attack down the Salt Flats to the record that stands today: 376.363 mph (605.697 km/hr).

When Rocky achieved his record breaking run, he became the first motorcyclist to eclipse the 600 km/hr barrier. The top speed of the TOP 1 Ack Attack during the record breaking run was 394 mph (634 km/hr).

Now, the TOP 1 Ack Attack team has set their sights even higher. Designer Mike Akatiff, who has shown he is the king of fine tuning his super streamliner by breaking and rebreaking the motorcycle land speed record 3 times, has once again taken his TOP 1 Ack Attack to the shop and updated it. The team, who owns the motorcycle land speed record, will attempt to become the first to break the 400 mph (643 km/hr) barrier.

Stay tuned for updates from the Bonneville Salt Flats September 15-19, 2012.

Rocky Robinson’s Salt Addiction

Chris Vermeulen’s Inside Line was the inspiration behind my approaching Bart Madson to see if it were possible for an “old salt” to share land speed racing with an audience that would have to be built upon. At the time, Chris was a MotoGP rider on the Rizla Suzuki squad. I wondered if there would ...

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What Types Of Additives Are In My Diesel Engine Oil And How Do They Work?

A Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil (HDDEO) consists of 80-85% base oil and 15-20% additive. Though a rough estimate, this is true no matter the quality HDDEO base oil used, whether it be synthetic, synthetic blend, or mineral. The other 15-20% of the product is made up of additives with a variety of ...

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The New TOP 1 Oil iPad App Now Available On The App Store

The new TOP 1 Oil iPad app is now ready for download on the App Store (for free). This updated version of the TOP 1 Oil iPad app now features “Ack Attack The Game” in which the user takes control of the fastest motorcycle in the world in an attempt to emulate Rocky Robinson ...

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TOP 1 Oil Named ‘Exporter of the Year’

TOP 1 Oil Products Company has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce as the 2012 Exporter of the Year. “We at TOP 1 Oil Products Company are extremely proud to be awarded the prestigious ‘Exporter of the Year’ award,” said Joe Ryan, President. “For 38 years TOP 1 Oil Products Company ...

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Causes of Grease Dry-Out, and how to fix it

Over time, average grease has a tendenecy to cake and dry out.  This is because oil has a natural tendency to drain out of the grease thickener, and this process is only expidited when the grease is subjected to heavy loads. As grease becomes dry, frictional forces escalate, causing concentrated heat within the bearing. The elevated ...

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LPG – a fuel of the future?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is becoming an increasingly more popular form of fuel for automobiles because it burns so much cleaner than petrol or diesel. It is by far the most widely available, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional petrol gasoline. Even though LPG does have a lower energy density than either petrol or ...

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Low Viscosity Motor Oils Are Here To Stay!

As petroleum resources continue to be used at astounding rates, the use of lighter viscosity motor oils has become a necessity in the automobile industry. The American Petroleum Institute (API) now calls low viscosity oils that meet their latest API SN designation as “Resource Conserving.” European OEMs like BMW and Mercedes-Benz only recommend using ...

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